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A Conference about mobile technologies in the heart of Europe

Get inspired by talks from the best gurus and professionals of the mobile industry. All day long you can participate in sessions on iOS and Android and meet other professionals, creating a priceless network of contacts.


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Stories are going to be three special sessions hosted by the amazing Steve Scott. Each session will be with the host and an expert in a complimentary field. The topic will not be strictly related to mobile technologies and these sessions have the goal to give an insight into uncommon topics in mobile conferences.
These three sessions are going to be proposed as Q/A format, the first part under complete control of the host and the second part with the interaction of the audience.

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The Convention Centre is located in Lugano’s city centre, both close to the city’s financial and recreational infrastructures but also overlooking the lovely Ciani Park and the lakeshore. The structure is just a few minutes on foot from several hotels, shops and other entertainments. Ideal for all sorts of events, the Congress Hall is equipped with the most modern technical equipment and is completely air-conditioned.



Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano
Piazza Indipendenza 4
6900 Lugano, Switzerland



info [at] swissmobidevs [dot] org


Lugano is extremely easy to reach by means of both public and private transportation. It has a very convenient regional airport with direct connections. Furthermore, the international airport of Milano-Malpensa is located at only 60 km from Lugano and is served by means of a coach service.


Lugano offers a variety of hotels, from nice bed and breakfasts up to quality hotels. Most of the hotels are located around the city center, but the one located a little bit outside are still served by public transportation.
Please find a handy website to book an hotel in Lugano here.


Take a pleasant stroll. There is no better way to get to know Lugano. Stop wherever you want to take a break to photograph historic buildings and lush parks, discover rich cultural delights, chat with the locals and taste the flavours of the excellent food and wine.